• TH2 Laying of Hands (Ordination)
  • TH2 New Priests prepare to give first blessings to family and friends
  • TH2 New Priests Bless the Bishop
  • TH2 Handing over of the bread and wine
  • TH2 Concelebrating Mass with Bishop Robert Morlino
  • TH2 Anointing of Hands

The Liturgy and Worship Commission is an advisory committee to the Pastor, which nourishes and gives direction to the liturgical life of the parish by promoting the development of liturgical ministries and Rites of Christian Initiation, coordinating minister training, planning all aspects of liturgical seasons, and providing spiritual growth opportunities outside of Sunday worship. Meeting time: first Wednesday of the month, 9:15-10:30 a.m.



Father Faustino      faustino@slsonline.org

Dana Lau, Chair     jhuebner@mhtc.net

Rita Eversoll

Jeanette Klaas        jklaas210@gmail.com

Linda Schmidt        lindasm@mhtc.net

Nancy Hood          nancyhood@centurylink.net

Connie McCabe     conjer@centurytel.net